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We love what we do. Allow us to show off a little. Take a look at a handful of our favourite projects down below.

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“SiteCircles is a simple cloud-based drawing management platform facilitating the smooth flow of construction documentation.” In 2018 we were tasked with developing a unique platform for the construction industry. SiteCircles was created as a drawing management platform focused on keeping all stakeholders up-to-date with the latest documents on a construction project. The web-app was built using full-stack technologies. 



Our initial core focus. Between 2017 and 2019, we developed three unique custom-built point-of-sale systems. Each system was developed for a specialised use case in a different industry. The POSbot ‘s were built from the ground up according to our clients specifications. 



Genius Training Systems is an online coaching program developed by South Africa’s infamous coach, Victor Alley. Vic approached us to assist him with brand development, a fresh new website and digital marketing. We used the latest technologies to offer a complete solution to his request. 

Wellness Fingerprint


In 2019, we developed a unique eCommerce store. One of the requirements was to built a store that could service users located in multiple countries – each utilising their own currency and payment platform. A unique challenge that was successfully overcome by our team. 

Eyami Cafe


We had to get our creative juices flowing for this one. Eyami Cafe approached us to develop their new website in 2019. Our most aesthetically pleasing project to date; Eyami Cafe required us to get involved in the creative process from the start, and we loved every second!



We were approached to develop an online coaching platform for Spartan Nutrition. The platform allows for personal training clients to upload progress reports so that seamless collaboration can be achieved between client and coach.