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Web Design and Development

The essence of a great website

Nowadays, everyone is interconnected through the web, making a business’ digital presence one of the most important assets it could have. Websites have become the go-to source of information for a potential client looking to find out more about your business.

We design and build beautiful websites that are interactive, informative, and put your brand’s image on a pedestal.


We develop our websites using a CMS (Content Management System). This tool allows us to create beautiful, responsive websites in fast cycle times using technologies that are constantly being updated and improved through a large community across the globe. The benefit of this is that your website is easily maintainable and will have a long lifespan in an online world that’s constantly advancing. Our go-to CMS is WordPress, however we have experience with a wide range of others.


Websites require TLC. For this reason, we base our website pricing packages off of a monthly maintenance fee which includes hosting, security updates, constant speed optimisation, and assurance that your website will function at best possible performance at all times. We also include bundled work hours in the monthly fee which contribute to updates and changes on your site, catering for the event where you may want to add  fresh information and content to the site on a monthly basis. As with most of our products, our website pricing packages are tailor-made to suit the purpose of your website.

View our brochure below to find out more about what you get with a Tecbot website.